2009年2月28日 星期六

analysis the colour theories applied in Burberry logo


First of all, there are gray , white and black colour in picture a,
they are colourless schme, the colour theory apllied is Achromatic

Moreover, red, yellow and red colour are used and thy all belong to same valus, red and yellow which they are at same level of chroma and they are the adjacent to each other on the colour wheel so the color theory applied is analogic .They create harmonious combinations because they are relatives and have little contrast

First of all, th colour theory is Mono-chromatic because there are only one colour, pink,but Using different shade, tint, or tone of pink to produce three diiferent colour.

Gray pink, pale pink, coral pink are all come from on color, pink, but they in different shades (darker) and tints (lighter) of the same hue. The result is a more subtle effect due to the lack of contrast.

2009年2月24日 星期二

Dresses that turn into swimsuits and feathered dancing queens: There's more to Jean Paul Gaultier than Madonna's conical bras

2009 spring ready-to-wear collection

Jean Paul Gaultier flipped two Gallic fingers to the doom-mongers of the fashion world, proving he has what it takes to rock the catwalk, even during the credit crunch.
You can even imagine his shrug at the prospect of showing during an economic downturn: the show must go on.
And so it did. As music boomed out over the Jean Paul Gaultier headquarters in Paris

Material girls: Jean Paul Gaultier made his name creating Madonna's conical bras, but these colourful creations are way more wearable

"To me, clothes on a hanger are simply still-lives. It's only when someone wears them that they come alive," Gaultier said after the show.


And these clothes certainly came to life. With a flick of the model's wrist, the folds on a vivid papaya tutu dress opened, like the wing of a tropical bird, to reveal a ruffled skirt.
Feathers on flamboyantly coloured boleros and stoles danced and rustled with every step.

Swimsuits under dresses, nude tones lifted by juicy tropical shades and maxidresses with bold, bright strapes.

Models in fluid jersey dresses untied and swirled them behind, revealing intricate cut-out swimsuits in luxe fabrics, finishing their walk with their cape billowing dramatically in their wake.

"Here, the idea was to create clothes that have several uses," Gaultier explained of the convertible swimsuit-cape combinations.
"You can go for a swim, you can also go out and it turns into a dress."
And, as well as those credit crunch busting swimsuits, there was plenty more to satisfy.
High-waisted trousers, a muted take on the matador's contour-hugging pants we've seen from Gaultier before, were reworked in nudes; putty, tan or taupe.
But, while there was this sombre side to the colour palette, the muted tones were frequently mixed with and lifted by papaya, scarlet and chartreuse.
Maxi-dresses in nude tones were criss-crossed with ribbon straps in bold colours; Twenties-style flapper dresses or gowns in soft blush pink and silver received a bolt of colour from feather stoles in scarlet, navy or lemon.

Convertible clothing: A model unties her jersey dress to reveal a swimsuit with cape attached

Colour and movement: Left, a vivid papaya dress with matching feather bolero; right, fabric forming a dress was transformed over the length of the catwalk to reveal a cut-out swimsuit with orange wrap robe

There was a hint of Gaultier's past as the man behind Madonna's legendary conical corsets in a quirkily tailored suit styled with swimming costume over the top. Very Blonde Ambition, very Madonna - but not a look you could take to the High Street in Tunbridge Wells.
Put the costume under the trousers though, and you have a look that's way more wearable, a slick bodysuit with clean line off-setting the loose, masculine tailoring of the suit.
It was this mix of personality and commercialness that the entire collection, proving that fashion doesn't have to lose all its frivolity to stay relevant in the retail world.

Left, a dress unties to create a swimsuit; centre, nudes, taupes and tans are given a lift with vivid papaya; right, a swimsuit worn, Madonna-style, over a trousersuit

Left, silver flapper-style dresses were given colour with feather stoles; centre, movement is key to bringing the clothes to life, says Gaultier; right, high-waisted trousers had a touch of the matador about them

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the cage dress and corset dress

The cage Dress

Detail of a corset dress, the ' bones' of which form a cage, from the collection 'Le tour du Monde en 168 Tenues', Spring/summer 1989. Chinese-inspired platform shoes.

First salmon-pink corset-dress which designed by JPG, for 'Le dadaisme', collection for women, Spring/Summer 1983

Wedding Cage dress.
" Voyage autor du monde en 168 outfits', collection for women, Spring/Summer 1989. Dress, corset, cage, in trimmed salmon-pink satin over an integral body in printed tulle and pants in coral mesh

Chic rabbis
" Les rabbins chics', collection for women, Autumn/winter 1993-94. The ' anti-gape' corset in taffeta and elasticated fabric.

Dada. " Le dadaisme', collection for women, Spring/summer 1983.
The corset becomes a dress.

Jean Paul Gautier Introduces Cato's Catwalk

Lured from his Parisian workshop, Jean Paul Gautier was on hand for the first rehearsal of the professional entrants in the "I'm too sexy.....Cato's Catwalk Contest. L'enfant terrible and sometime designer to such stars as Madonna and Marilyn Manson,

Gaultier worked feverishly to arrange the works of art that each entrant wore. First up on the catwalk was professional supermodel and sometime Gautier girlfriend Baxter, who frequently turns up as male and female in the designer's work -- so sleek is his/her style and so absolute is his/her refusal to adopt either sexual roll. Early in his/her career Baxter was quoted as saying it was important to him/her to maintain his/her identity as a feline first and a cat second. What this means, no one is quite certain, but it has caught the imagination of the feline fashion world.

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Jean Paul Gaultier's feathered-and-caged haute couture collection(Fall-Winter 2008/2009 Haute Couture collection)

French designer Jean Paul Gaultier conjured neon birds of paradise heading to a high-class rave in his feathered-and-caged haute couture collection

According to Jean Paul Gaultier, horse riding and biking will be the trends sports next fall

Models with their hair twisted into high cylinders paraded in flamboyant fur coats and sumptuous evening gowns topped with crinolines and corset cages in fluorescent yellow, orange and pink.

Gaultier said he was inspired by the "fluo kids" of the electronic music scene and by a 1980s film called Tron, about a hacker who is trapped inside a computer game.

The Day-Glo colors only served to highlight the luxurious fabrics that are the hallmark of made-to-measure haute couture.

Gaultier is an unapologetic proponent of fur, and highlights here included a mink shawl-collared coat with a gilded cage topper highlighted with cabochon studs.
The man famed for designing Madonna's conical bra has always used corseting in his collections, but this time he took the idea to a new level, constructing entire body cages, some of which resembled insect's wings.
A cocoon cage lined in silver fox fur split open to reveal a skintight sheath dress with pearl-embroidered flowers - perfect for dancing the night away.
The vibrant display confirmed that haute couture is thriving, despite a gloomy economic environment, as discerning customers seek out one-off creations.

the colour were been used in this collection mainly pea green crepe or cobalt blue jersey and fluorescent pink and green

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Evian Teams with Jean Paul Gaultier

new bottle design for Evian's 2009 limited edition.

Even though water might be naked, sometimes it wants to get dressed up. Renowned fashion designer, Jean-Paul Gautier will be dressing the French mineral water brand, Evian for the October 2008 Fashion Week in Paris.

Gaultier’s Evian bottle design is simple and elegant, stamped with his trademark typeface. And there are actually two different design versions - Prêt-a-Porter and Haute Couture.
But, he’s not the first designer to do this: Christian Lacroix also designed a bottle for Evian in early 2008, to dazzling effect.

Once Gaultier’s bottle is introduced in Paris, the Haute Couture bottle collection will be sold at auctions around the world and all the funds raised from the auctions will go to the RAMSAR organization, which aims to protect the earth’s water resources.
The Evian Pret-a-Porter, or ready-to-wear, Bottle by Jean Paul Gaultier possesses a style that is: “classic, yet modern all at once”. Adorned with a pattern of interlocking snowflakes, the bottle recalls the crisp, icy mountain tops of the French Alps from which Evian Natural Spring Water is derived. Magnified by a unique colour so much known to Gaultier, the majestic blue of the oversized logo and the understated print of the designer's name offers a subtle reminder of a stylish mariner, a mariner that could so easily be found on the shores of Lake Geneva, which the town of Evian borders.
In addition to the Evian Pret-a-Porter Bottle, Gaultier introduced the Evian Haute Couture Bottle, made from Baccarat crystals. Only seven of these bottles will be released worldwide, with these few exclusive carafes travelling around the globe to be exhibited at select locations. "Jean Paul Gaultier has consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion. He is revolutionary in his craft, yet always maintains an air of elegance and class in his designs," said Jeff Caswell, Vice President of Marketing for Evian North America. "In this regard, Gaultier was the perfect fit for Evian. Gaultier has transcended the runways of France to become a household name worldwide, much in the same way that Evian has expanded its presence throughout the globe, ascending from a natural spring water in the French Alps enjoyed by the locals to being one of most favoured drinking waters on earth."

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Gaultier Makes Fashion A Religious Experience

Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring/Summer 2007 haute couture collection at Paris couture week clearly borrows from art and religion. His newest collection has a fabulous Byzantine feel and the 'halos' around his models are remniscient of early depictions of christian art in stained glass windows and paintings.

The couture faithful at Jean Paul Gaultier may not have literally expected a full religious experience, but that's what they got, complete with a large puff of incense and a visitation by the saints. From first to last, every model wore a halo. Their faces were painted like plaster statues, their garb inspired by the vernacular devotional art found in local churches throughout the Catholic world.

Analysis of the collection

What looked like monastic hoods and nunlike wimples were, in fact, integral stoles that spiraled from the back of a chic black dress or a pair of pants (revealing some sexy slices of skin on the way). Lace and crochet-work commonly used to decorate shrines were remade into formfitting gowns.

the colors—faded pinks, cobwebby gray, and Madonna blue—were lifted from hand-tinted holy cards and stained glass.

2009年2月16日 星期一

KYLIEX2008 tour

Kylie Minogue's working her cotton socks off on her KYLIEX2008 tour, performing in Berlin last night at the Velodrom. As much as I'm impressed by her Jean Paul Gaultier-designed costumes, I love to see the petite singer out and about in her day-to-day clothes, like this gorgeous white dress she wore on her way to her soundcheck before the concert. What is your preference — off-stage outfits or lavish tour costumes?
If Ursula from The Little Mermaid had a closet, many pieces from Jean Paul Gaultier's 2008 Fall Couture collection would hang in it. First thing you notice when dissecting this line is the intricate details such as piping that can be mistaken for octopus legs.
The bright colors — cobalt, neon yellow, orange, green — take center stage and up the drama factor. Protruding feathers on several dresses also stand out. Fur, leather, and satin play a key role. Leather gloves with neon piping are badass while fur collars are sophisticated. While most pieces are creature-like, some give a nod to the equestrian theme. I can't say that any of the pieces are translatable to real life but they sure electrocute the runway!

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Nicole Kidman in Jean-Paul Gaultier, 2003

The same year she received the Council of Fashion Designer's Fashion Icon Award, Nicole Kidman wore a black, sheer, three-strapped Jean-Paul Gaultier dress to the Oscars.

Haute Couture (SS07): Jean Paul Gaultier

Religion is a delicate subject to use as fashion inspiration and the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier trod a fine line between reverence and blasphemy in his haute couture collection

Gaultier took the Virgin Mary as an iconic symbol, furnishing his models - including the burlesque performer Dita Von Teese - with halo head-dresses in stained glass, plastic, flowers and metal.

The models' hair was styled in the manner of medieval religious paintings, combed in long strands on either side of their faces, which were painted with coloured tears.

An ecclesiastical mood, reminiscent of painted, wooden icons and Russian Orthodox churches, permeated the clothes which were often robe-like, in jewel-toned silk and pastel chiffon, with hooded cloaks, floating panels and trains.

Other gowns featured prints and patchwork details of angels and cherubs among stylised clouds.

The British model Erin O'Connor appeared in a long gown, printed like stained glass windows in a church, with a fabric "corsage" of a naked baby boy perched on her left shoulder.
Other models appeared in elaborate crocheted gowns with their hair twisted into metal halos to resemble the rays of the sun.

The collection was inspired by the elaborate costumes and regalia of the former Maharajahs of India

Colour analysis: in each outfit, he used different valuse ( different lightness of colour)

Haute Couture (SS07): Jean Paul Gaultier

jean paul gaultier. the virgin mary never looked so cool

I loved JPG's retrospective ss07 collection, but I think I'm loving his HC collection even more. I love the minimalism with decadence idea. It's really beautiful. I really love the halo head-pieces (I'm definitely sensing some religious theming ... ) and the 20's channelling that's going on! Anyway, this collection, as well as being fabulous, has impeccable hair and make-up and that is VERY important. It's gotten me VERY amped for JPG aw07!!

part 1

part 2

Eugenia - in a beautifully stylish LBD with , pockets and PIG-TAILS! Adoring.

Beuati - this sits perfectly. Exactly how HC should be! Great fabric, too.

Lily - another perfect fit, and a perfect model-choice, too. The colour looks fabulous on Lily and I love the sleeve-length.

Erin - as soon as I saw this, I thought: stained-glass windows in a cathedral. Exactly!

Morgane - sparkly disco combined with churchy goodness ... is this a theme, Mr. Gaultier?

menswear collection of Jean Paul Gaultier

"Saying that this fabric or that colour is for a boy and another colour or fabric is for a girl is as ridiculous as saying this vegetable can only be eaten by a boy or this drink is only suitable for a girl. It is so silly; but we do it all the time."

Since his first menswear collection in 1984, Jean-Paul Gaultier has constantly questioned traditional ideas about men's appearance and behaviour. Gaultier believes that there is no clothing, with the exception of the bra, that is intrinsically male or female. He made his most definitive statement on the subject when he launched the "skirt for men" in his Spring/Summer collection 1985 collection "Et Dieu Créa L'Homme" ("And God Created Man"), a pastiche of Roger Vadim's classic 1957 film "Et Dieu Créa La Femme" which starred Brigitte Bardot.

The (in)famous bustier designed by Jean Paul Gautier for Madonna's "Blond Ambition" Tour in 1990, and (on the right) the men's bustier designed for Madonna's dancers on that tour.