2009年4月24日 星期五

colour trend forcast report-part 2

2 ) the culture affect the color trend in 2010 since the inspiration of Jean Paul Gaultier’s collections had close cohesion with culture ,religious and art movement , I can predict that the 2010 collection still have strong cohesion with culture.

  • Nature continues to dominate the forecast,
    A host of new shades, associated with the earth’s natural habitats, are integrated into an extended palette of hues, embracing colors synonymous with both natural elements and atmospheric conditions

  • Influences of cool greys complement the warm soft neutrals

  • frozen naturals and powdered minerals morph into meteorological-inspired tones of stormy greys, teals and midnight blues.

Sumptuous tones of coffee, caramel, cocoa and melted chocolate blend with soft warm naturals


Resolutely modern and living in an urban environment, they are prone to a nature-friendly existence, Being eco-aware means going to the depth of the ecological concerns, adapting your daily routines and economic behaviours

1. Fresh vegetable greens blend into herbal shades of olive

2. Humid hues conjure the dense rainforests jungle foliage and rice plantations of Southeast Asia. While cold gray-green symbolize nature refined by industry


A world of extremes.....................

we all had hopes that with new technologies and the ever growing, confident “world conscience’, the world would become a more tranquil, consensual and less agitated place to be.
Art and design are always a reflection of the society we live in: so is consumer behavior. Very distinct consumer groups and patterns of consumer behavior are taking shape, where everybody seems to be finally making up their mind, taking a stand, and choosing a side. It is not about one right and one wrong side, but simply the wish to go in a direction where you can fully express yourself, make a point and live a life without compromise.

  • Vibrant and energizing bright accents, to be used in a controlled manner, add a touch of zest and bring the palette to life.

  • · Shine & Metallic
    Shiny and metallic fabrics have been selling well for the past 3 seasons. Not only do we see metallic on the Spring 2010 runways, we also see new techno fabrics emerging such as nylon/ silk blends and fabrics blended with polyester that give a surface sheen.

  • · Black and gold, black and white become a hot color in 2010

Colour trend forecast Report-Part 1

Report Color trend forecastForecasting the silhouette of fashion brand in 2010 can help me to give a more accurate color trend forecast of thee brand in 2010.

1) Silhouette forecastingafter analyzing the past collections of Jean Paul Gautier, Gautier have strong and clear silhouette in every collection. So, I have this following silhouette forecasting of Gaultier in 2010

1 Architectural Shapes ----it can give a feeling of strength and confidence
As for woman silhouette, it was created to add volume and therefore importance to the female form, but also created the illusion of a narrow waist. It is an architectural feature for a suit where the masculine collar is in point. That is the traditional form of women silhouette he used in many collection.

2 slim , fitted silhouette

As for men, Gaultier dedicate to the machismo elegance of the flamenco dancer. It marked a new approach to men’s tailoring, based on a slim , fitted silhouette.

3. Androgynous Silhouette

Andro-" means "man," and "gyn-" refers to "woman."The quality of having a blend of both strong masculine and strong feminine characteristics will be the trend in 2010.The evidence of our fascination with sexual ambiguity is everywhere. While the focus of the paper is on music, the ideology of ambiguity pervades the pop media. "Androgyny is in, and it's about time!"2
The fashion industry correctly predicted current trends over thirty years ago with the Unisex style, and continued to capitalize on the popularity of androgynous dress, copying the styles of Boy George, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and the Punk scene.
a mix between classic femininity and futuristic androgynous beauty.

Colour trend Forecast (1)

2009年4月23日 星期四

The characteristic of Jean Paul Gaultier (2)

" i am not an artist. I am an artisan"

4)he love apply scarification in his outfits

scarification has been used by the people in Africa and the south Seas for centuries.In the mid-nieties, its beauty began to interest fashion designers and Jean Paul Gautier was in the forefront of theose adapting it to western dress, as prt of the increasing use of decorative patterning to simulate tatoos.

5) Mastry of materials and perfection of cut are the basic skille demanded of fashion, whether in tailoring or dressmaking. Gaultier has them both.

The characteristic of Jean Paul Gaultier's design (1)

" I feel a little frightened when fashion is always to please people'--by jean Paul

1 ) Revealing, highlighting and emphasizing the female form fas been a recurring leitmotif in the work of Jean Paul Gautier.

He loves to outlines and define the contours by his choice of fabric, sut and detailing in clothes which are a hymn to the perfection of the fit and well-tones as well as a celebration of the figure.

2 ) His corset looks became part of the iconography of latetwentieth-century style

Body-consciousness is what most high fashion has been about for at leat a decade and Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the foremost stormtroopers of the movement.

3) He put men in skirts so he was one of the pioneers of underwear being worn as outerwear.

It is a play which he has enjoyed since the eighties, developing endless variation on the themes of the boned and stiffened bra and the corset--both obsessions which have been with him since childhood

" My shows have always been seaual because sex nd sexuality are everywhere."---by Jean Paul Gaultier

2009年4月22日 星期三

The culture of Jean Paul Gaultier

" Clothes are only a part of th fashion and that true fashion is part of a cultural movement which includes all aspects of society, from the way people dress on th streets to what films they see and what food thy eat.

" everything that passes before my eyes is turned into a fashion reflex. My passons are largely visual."

He told Women's wear Daily in 1984.

it ss true, we can see many of his collection were inspirated by culture, ie

Fall 2007 Couture, his inspiration lay in indian empire
spring 207 coture, inspirated by Virgin and religion
Fall 2008 coture , deep-sea creatures with a hint of equestrian style

2009 his inspiration lay in the age old art of calligraphy (abstract, of course, with loops and swooshes morphing into hard lines and crested edges). However, on second glance, each piece in the collection looked more like a guided walking tour of Wells Cathedral, the most poetic of the English cathedrals (known for its early Gothic interior and signature 'scissor arches.')

After analysis his many collections before, he had, in fact, evolved his fashion philosophy, although he woul have found the term inappropriately pompous at the time.

actually, he was influenced by the treet but it's about the way people behave; movies, music, everything...He take in all these images, mix them up and then the ideas come out.

2009年4月21日 星期二

tights white legging--- i think it become a hot item again!

I guess white tights never got out of fashion but right now they're in again. No matter if on the streets, the catwalks of or at 'Gossip Girl' - the snowy tights are everywhere in various forms. As long as it's not this jabbing white I like nearly all especially the ones with a texture. The mean thing about these tights is the fact that they make your legs sometimes look awefully fat.
on the street
on the runway:
Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 RTW
Chanel Spring 2008 Couture